Various factors affecting the efficacy of cosmetics


Various factors affecting the efficacy of cosmetics

Excerpted from China Association of Fragrance Flavour and Cosmetic Industries


The efficacy of cosmetics is inevitably linked to the use of functional ingredients. For example, cosmetics claiming to have sunscreen function will definitely use sunscreen agent, spot whitening products will add spot whitening and other efficacy ingredients, perm products have specific perm efficacy ingredients.

So, the addition of functional ingredients in cosmetics will necessarily have the corresponding effect? The answer is not necessarily. Whether cosmetics can achieve the effect depends on the following factors, in product development to consider and study the clear:


First, the skin itself.

Skin absorption is the basis for the use of cosmetics, if the skin's absorption is not good, even the best raw materials can not play the role of due effect. The use of the population's age, gender, use of parts, skin condition may affect the skin's absorption of cosmetics.


Second,  the amount of efficacy ingredients added.

If the added amount is too small, the product can not play the corresponding effect. But it does not mean that the more you add the better, too much efficacy ingredients may not only increase the burden on the skin, affecting the absorption effect, but also increase the risk of safety.


Third, the nature of the efficacy of the ingredients.

Generally speaking, the fat-soluble high efficacy ingredients absorption effect is better, the smaller the molecular weight of the more easily absorbed. In addition, the transdermal absorption effect of raw materials is also related to its structure, shape, solubility and other factors, and does not depend solely on the molecular weight.


Fourth, the product's matching situation.

Through the efficacy of the ingredients and other auxiliary raw materials or a variety of efficacy of the ingredients of a reasonable combination, the product can be synergistic function. If the combination is not reasonable, even if the same efficacy components, the same amount of addition, the effect in different products will be very different.


Fifth, the external environmental factors. 

Temperature, relative humidity will also affect the absorption of efficacy ingredients. The higher the temperature, the better the absorption of most of the efficacy of the skin ingredients. When the relative humidity increases, due to the water in the stratum corneum and the external moisture difference is reduced, the skin's absorption of water will be affected, but also reduces the absorption of water-soluble efficacy of ingredients.


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